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Why a different heresy? 

As a congregation minister faced with the awesome and humbling responsibility of proclaiming the good news of Jesus I often feel like Paul - as if I am only ever looking through a dark glass.  Having written hundreds of sermons and listened to just as many more I know that we are always limited by our humanity in every attempt to articulate the good news of God's love. 

It is for this reason I view my sermon each week as a different heresy. This is not because I set out to preach heresy, nor do I necessarily believe I sit outside the tradition which has been handed down, it is more simply an acknowledgment that whatever I say, despite my best efforts, is only my feeble and fumbling human interpretation.

Having said this, despite preaching 'a different heresy' each week I believe through the power of the Spirit God acts, the Word becomes present in our midst, and lives are changed. God is at work - a miracle!

This blog includes sermons and reflections about living an imperfect response to the good news of Jesus in the hope and faith that our lives are truly hidden in Christ and that the Spirit can and does transform us. 

I also note that I do moderate the comments that are shared on my blog. Having observed how quickly commenting can descend into destructive behaviours I continue to reserve this right.  If you are keen to comment please do so as yourself, not anonymously, express your ideas clearly, precisely and respectfully of others. I welcome new spiritual insights and other ideas which differ.  Such discussions can help us all to grow.

May you find inspiration and revelation hidden between the lines as God speaks.

Peter Lockhart


  1. Hey Peter,

    Just reading a bit of contemporary comment on Psalm 23 and I discovered your blog. It is excellent! Thank you for your insight and thought - the tack you take on Psalm 23 is like reading what I wanted to say but didn't know! I'm Pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Buderim, Sunshine Coast and our church is surrounded by rainforest and near the beach. So if we can ever help by providing a nice retreat or conference option for our UCA brothers and sisters just ask! Matt Thiele.

  2. Hi Peter. Hello from Texas, USA. I like what you write. I read your blog today to help me prepare for my sermon this week which is Thanksgiving Sunday in the US. I like what you said from Deuteronomy 26. Thanks for assisting me. If you would like to read my blog and perhaps share it with others, it can be found at: www.weimarwanderings.blogspot.com. Many blessings to you and yours. Jerry

  3. Really loved Your Good Samaritan blog; I had been thinking about this for quite some time. That Jesus is the good Samaritan, and you've expounded it so well. I also read an interesting piece by David Henson on Patheos entitled Jesus Doesn't Want You to Be a Good Samaritan which has a different exposition than yours, which has some interesting points, certainly we can learn something from our enemy; however, Jesus as the Good Samaritan certainly is an encouragement beyond compare. Well written. Heidi

  4. Thank you for your comment on 1 Samuel 8. I'm using your comment, "Instead of wanting to live differently...." in a sermon.