Friday, 22 July 2011

I blog therefore I am!

What does it mean to have an online persona?

Is it simply a narcissistic groping for identity? Or is it a genuine avenue through which to build community and witness to the meaning in life found in and through following Jesus Christ?

I have just spent the last week in a Mission, Media and Ministry Course with John Harrison and had time to reflect on a year of blogging on behalf of my congregation.

Recently I have been posting sermons (e.g. here) and have had many hits on the site through links to the text this week. Whilst creating traffic it has raised questions:

"Is this the most effective way to blog on behalf of a congregation?" and

"At what point does my own persona take over to the extent I should just create my own blog?"

Next week I am going to raise the topic with the Kairos Church Council, but I have realised that it is time to rethink how I am doing what I am doing and to get others more involved? Finding answers to these questions is about discovering how to be faithful in the 21st century.

Any tips for this novice blogger as I approach the meeting?

Peter Lockhart


  1. Another lesson already learnt, choose an original name - how many other bloggers have gone before me with this ascription! Peter

  2. Also reflecting. Have decided a blog is good for self promoting. So I'm going to self promote the uca. It needs some positive publicity. As for me it will be my thoughts and hopefully not ego centered. All the best and will keep following to find out updates and insights.