Friday, 3 June 2011

The Blessing of Retreat

by Peter Lockhart

There may be all sorts of images that come to mind when people speak about 'retreats'. In my 13 years in ministry I have always attended the Presbytery Retreats and as I reflect about it here are a few reasons why.

1. The opportunity to share in daily Eucharistic worship.
2. Rising for morning prayer shared with close friend and colleagues
3. Meeting and getting to know my colleagues in ministry in the Presbytery whom I don't yet know so well
4. Experiencing the support of my colleagues in ministry
5. Being reminded of a variety of spiritual disciplines and resources for them
6. Refuelling through relaxing and enjoying the company of friends in ministry
7. Being challenged with new ideas
8. Remembering God's love: for me, for others, for the world

'Retreat' is like taking a deep breath in before throwing myself in to the fray once more. I would always recommend such opportunities for refreshment and renewal whether it be a church camp, "A day apart", a weekly prayer gathering or home group, or even worship on Sunday. It is from these places of encounter with God that we are inspired for our encounters with God and others in the world in our daily lives.

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